Advanced Tuneup – $180

An “advanced” level tuneup includes everything from the full tuneup PLUS:

advanced tuneup

– All cables and housing are replaced with 100% new cables and housing.  Or, if hydraulic brakes, fluid is flushed & refilled with new.

– Front and rear derailleurs are removed, thoroughly cleaned & degreased, inspected, and reinstalled, lubed & adjusted

– Front and rear brakes are removed, thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and reinstalled & adjusted

– Cassette is removed, thoroughly ULTRASONIC cleaned & degreased, inspected, and reinstalled

– Front and rear wheels are removed, cleaned, inspected, hubs overhauled (unless sealed bearings), wheels trued on our state of the art truing stand

– Bottom bracket is cleaned, inspected, repacked with grease (unless sealed bearings)

– Crankset is removed, cleaned, inspected, and reinstalled

– Ultrasonic cleaning of derailleurs, brakes, and other parts is performed as needed / as requested