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Bicycle Assembly

Yes, we assemble bicycles!  If you've purchased a bicycle online, we can help get it fully and properly assembled.  This service is comprehensive, and we will only perform entire assembly on new bikes.  In other words, we will not JUST do the brakes, or JUST the shifting.

When we're working on a brand new bike, we will only do ALL of it.  If we're putting our name on it, we're going to do it right.

There are pros and cons to this approach, which we fully understand:

• The bike will be assembled correctly and safely.  

• The bike will function properly - we guarantee it! 

• You won't have to spend time assembling the bike yourself. 

• You won't have to worry about making a mistake while assembling the bike.

• You'll have peace of mind knowing the bike was assembled by a professional with decades of experience.

• Also, and most importantly, many bike manufacturers won't honor their warranty on the bike unless it has been professionally assembled by a shop like Handy Bikes.

• The cost of professional assembly can be high relative to the cost of the bike itself.  This is due to our level of attention to detail, and the level of complexity inherent in bicycles - even the simple ones.

• You will have to wait for the bike to be assembled if you don't do it yourself.  It takes us about 1-2 hours to do the work once we get to your bike, and there is usually a 2-3 day wait before it is your bike's turn to be worked on.


e-BikeAcoustic (non e-Bike)

Some people prefer to assemble their own bikes for the satisfaction of doing it themselves.  We fully support this!  However, we are unable to provide any warranty on any new bike we haven't worked on ourselves, and we only perform full tuneup and assembly on new bikes.  We do not offer a-la-carte or line-item services.

We are unable to "just check it over" in order to provide any type of certification for you to show the manufacturer that professional assembly was performed.  We will not "just take a look at the brakes", for example, because it's never just the brakes.  

We understand that the cost of professionally and properly assembling a bicycle is higher than you may have realized.  This is especially true if you've purchased a bike from Amazon, Walmart, or similar discount retailer.  It is our experience that bicycles with a purchase price of less than $400-500 tend to be significantly more difficult to assemble than bicycles which cost more, as they are meant to last for a year or two at most.

If anything, the low price of a cheap bicycle means that we'd need to charge MORE to properly assemble it for you - but rest assured that when we take on a job we will do it right, and we will do it for the price we quoted you (unless we find parts that are damaged or need replacing - which does happen with cheap bicycles).

We also find that cheaper bicycles will not last, and may not be a good investment in the first place due to poor manufacturing standards, poor quality control, and low quality components.  We reserve the right to decline to work on any bicycle that we evaluate.  

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