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Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class

In our basic bicycle maintenance class, we'll cover the basic skills you'll need to clean and adjust your bike.  We cover adjustments to shifting and braking, as well as covering the terminology and technology of modern bicycles.  Students are encouraged to bring their own bike to work on.  Participants will receive a copy of Park Tools' Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (BBB-4).

Cost: $25.   Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Schedule:  Thursdays at 6:00pm

 ***Preregistration is required***

Mechanical Disc Brake Adjustment

The proper adjustment of mechanical disc (or disk) brakes remains, for many people, one of the most difficult tasks in the entire universe.  Often this is due to poor machining and low quality control of parts, but even in those cases there are adjustments that can be made to improve stopping power, reduce noise, and increase longevity of parts.  We will also cover the different types of parts, pads, calipers, and rotors that are on the market.  Bring your own bike and we'll use our facing tool to help get things as close to perfect as they can be.

Cost: $20      Time:  60-75 minutes

Schedule:  Varies

 ***Preregistration is required***

Roadside / Emergency Maintenance Overview

In this class we'll cover the skills you'll need to get yourself home if you're out on a ride and experience a flat tire, dropped chain, or other common situation.  If you want to learn to change a flat tire, this is the class for you.  Not sure what you should be carrying with you on a ride?  We'll cover that too.  

You'll also learn to take your wheels off and reinstall them properly, and how to make adjustments to brakes or shifting to get yourself back home in a pinch.  Students will receive a spare tube and pair of tire levers, so bring your own bike to work on!

Cost: $20      Time:  60-75 minutes

Schedule:  Varies

 ***Preregistration is required***

Advanced Maintenance Skills Series

This will be a series of 4-6 sessions covering the majority of the contents of Park Tool's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Maintenance (4th ed).  We are working on hammering out dates/time; please contact us if you want to get on the list or have time/date preferences.

This will not be a course for beginners.  If you're not sure how to make basic adjustments to shifting or braking, you should take our other classes instead.  This will be hands-on - bring your own bike and prepare to get dirty!

We will cover topics like wheel truing, bearing overhaul, suspension adjustments and rebuilding, frame-up build techniques, and advanced topics in shifting and braking including hydraulic brake flushing.

Cost: $250 (includes a copy of Park Tool's BBB-4)

Time:  4-6 sessions of 60-75 minutes each

Schedule:  tbd

 ***Preregistration is required***