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How Much Does It Cost

There are a lot of different variables that can affect the cost of fixing your bike.  Some of the biggest factors include the type of bike you have, the frequency of use, how long it has been since your last tuneup (in terms of mileage, not time), and whether your bike has features like suspension, disc brakes, electronic shifting, etc.  If you have a high-end road bike, for example, you can expect to pay more for repairs than you would for a basic mountain bike. And if your bike has been ridden a lot, stored outside, or never received a tuneup at all, it may need to be completely rebuilt, which would obviously cost more than just fixing a few minor problems.

Answer:  It Depends

We don't give specific quotes over the phone, because as mechanics we need to use all our senses to properly evaluate your bicycle.  It's not "just a bike" to us, and every one that comes through our doors gets the same level of attention.  We service everything from $150 department store bikes to $12,000 bespoke machines... and yes, bikes really can cost that much!!

The reason that our answer to "how much will it cost to get my bike fixed" is usually "it depends" is because we nearly always find problems you didn't even know you had.   We often find it is less expensive to do the work you need during a full tuneup, rather than by individual line item, and that factors in to it as well.  Your total repair bill is going to depend on more variables than we can identify over the phone.  

You've come to us to help identify, diagnose, and repair your bike because you know we're the best at finding and fixing issues before they become problems.  No one knows your bike like you do though, which is why we'll always go through the bike with you in detail when you bring it to our shop.  Together, we'll identify all issues - even the ones you didn't know you had - and present you with options to get the job done right.  You trust us with your bike, and we'll always give you a fair, transparent, and detailed quote before you decide to proceed with any service.

Sometimes when companies refuse to provide detailed pricing online it makes me feel like that's because there are different prices for different people, and I hate that feeling more than anything.  That is not the case for us at Handy Bikes: the price doesn't depend on who you are, or how much you paid for your bike - the price depends on the work that needs to be done to get it in the best shape it's ever been.