Gear Review: Lauf Grit

By Peter Buck // Owner, Handy Bikes LLC

After years of secretly wanting one, I finally got my hands on a Lauf Grit fork this week. Ultimately intended for use on a gravel / bikepacking bike, I first decided to install the Grit on my current road workhorse – a 2010’s era generic carbon fiber frame I picked up from a local swap meet a few years ago. I’ve beaten and loved that bike, and through continual tweaks have kept improving it over the years. After adding some ergo bars and finally upgrading to 28c tires (read more about that in a future post — highly recommend 28’s), the bike was much more comfortable, especially for rides longer than an hour. The Lauf Grit made a dramatic difference in the road bike’s comfort and handling from the moment I clipped in — but not all for the better.

Couldn’t wait to get it out of the box – barely lasted til I got home!

Stay tuned for more…