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**** MOOTS frames and bicycles are available for order. We Have one Routt YBB in size 56cm in the shop for testing/demo. Please contact us to coordinate getting your dream bike! ***** Gravel Micro Suspension Modern Gravel Geometry Adventure Ready Legendary Moots YBB micro suspension allows your gravel boundaries to be stretched beyond the norm. The Routt YBB gives just enough travel to take the edge off everything you are riding over. With decades of experience with this design, we were able to reduce the travel and achieve the right balance of too soft and too harsh; the “Goldilocks” area of just right. The Routt YBB comes packed with adventure ready features such as 3 bottle locations, hidden fender mounts and our modern gravel geometry that makes the rider feel at home no matter the surface. Maximum tire size is 50mm which opens new routes and new fun. The Bottom Line: Gravel with a twist; comfort, smooth tracking and unparalleled traction while climbing. Just enough to take the edge off to keep you going mile after gravel mile. Legacy: The YBB micro suspension system has been with us since 1987. Mooto X YBB, Vamoots YBB and Psychlo X YBB are lead the way to the smoothest riding gravel machine you can find in the modern Routt YBB.
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