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Bike and Saddle Rentals


We have discontinued our bicycle rental program and do not have plans to resume at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we know there are several other great shops in the area who do rent bikes.  While we are not able to provide specific recommendations, a quick Google search will yield lots of results in the region.

Saddle Rentals - Infinity Bike Seat

We do still "rent" premium saddles from Infinity Seat.  If you want to try an Infinity Seat, you have two courses of action.  

Option one, which is free, is to test ride it around our parking lot and neighborhood streets.  This can be a great way to get an initial impression of whether it will work for you.  

Option two is to "rent" one of Infinity's seats.  You will pay for the saddle in full up front (price varies from $327 and up), so that's why we use "rent" in quotation marks.  When you bring the seat back, you will be refunded that amount minus $30 per week / $5 per day based on how long you had it.  Infinity Seats are rentable and returnable for up to 30 days (which is our standard return period).  Paying for the entire seat up front is required as we do not have a way to securely store payment info and charge someone after the fact; therefore if someone takes the seat and never returns, we have no easy recourse.

If there is any physical damage, scuffing, water damage, etc., we will assess a restocking fee of at least 20% as we will no longer be able to sell the seat at regular price after that.  

Gear Rental - Hard Sided Travel Case

We also have a hard-sided bike case you can rent for $30 per week /  $5 per day for travel needs.  This case requires removal of both wheels, as well as the handlebars.  Please inquire for details.