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Specialty Brands

Moots  |  Evil  |  Co-Motion  |  Catrike

As a kid I remember drooling over the bikes from Trek, GT, Salsa, and others during the mountain bike craze of the 90's.  The first few pages of each catalog I could get my hands on were carefully preserved so as not to crease or smudge the pictures and descriptions of the dream bikes from each lineup.

It was never really a goal or dream to own a bike shop, it just seemed to make sense after decades of lusting after dream bikes and wrenching on my own (decidedly less fancy) models.  Over the years we've been able to cultivate relationships with several brands fabricating some of the best bikes that money can buy, and it is just one part of why I love my job.  If you have had your eye on a dream bike, we can help make it come true.


100% USA hand made titanium since 1981.  If you know, you know.  If you don't, visit and find out why Moots makes some of the best bikes money can buy.  You may also be surprised to learn that their models are more accessible than ever with their Prologue builds starting at around $7800.  Still a premium price, obviously, but more attainable than their $12k "entry level" bikes I remember as a kid!


I first spotted an Evil on the back of a vanlife van in Washington State on a trip out there in 2019 or so.  It was captivating.  After researching the brand I sent in a dealer application featuring a selfie from outside their factory headquarters (which was sadly closed due to COVID), and the rest is history.  We're proud to be one of the only dealers in the mid-Atlantic for this west-coast heavy hitter, and have had  customers come from as far away as North Carolina to get their hands on one.


Co-Motion is another one of those off-the-beaten-path brands that I discovered as we transition into our brick & mortar shop and were able to sell complete bikes.  The range of options they have been building since 1988 is mind boggling, but we especially love them for tandems and pinion-compatible frames.  Frame couplers?  Belt drive?  They've got you covered too!


Catrike is our first and remains our favorite three-wheeled vehicle of choice (though we do love TerraTrike as well!).  We've sold and serviced dozens, and we'd love to have you test one when you're in the neighborhood.  Hand-built in the US, and a variety of models to suit your needs from touring to recreational.  Battery assist options, a heavy duty model with 400 lbs weight limit, one with full suspension, and even a folding model round out the lineup.  Wonderful options for those with adaptive cycling needs, and equally fun no matter what.  Folks often wonder about being visible to cars when on a recumbent style trike, but don't worry -- we've got options to light these up like Christmas trees, not to mention safety flags!