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New Service Center!

We have expanded as of Feb 5th.  

Visit our new service center for parts, repairs, and tuneups.  

Located at 3919 Wheeler Ave, in the next building 300ft west of our retail center.

Our old space will become a full-sized retail showroom.  Visit us there for new and used bikes, and accessories like lights, locks, lubricants/cleaners, bags, bikepacking gear, helmets, gloves, shoes, etc.


Our retail center is still located at 3800 Wheeler Ave for new and used bikes and trikes, and accessories including bags, bikepacking gear, tires, lights, locks, helmets, and shoes.

Regular Checkups Are Needed (Appointments Aren't)

If it has been longer than a year since you've had a good look at your bike, bring it in to our service center at 3919 Wheeler Avenue in Alexandria for a free assessment.  We'll tell you what we think it needs and why, so that you can make an informed decision about how to spend your money and time.  

Our Annual Tuneups cover the entire bike - more than some other shops.  If you're going to get a tuneup, our opinion is that the entire bike should be checked, adjusted, and safe.

Bikes on Sale

$1,200.00 - $1,500.00

We Are Hiring!    Immediate openings for experienced retail sales staff and mechanics / technicians.


Electric bicycles are great if you want to get there faster, ride further, or just need an extra boost.  We have an entire page dedicated to ebikes, including the top five things we think you should know when considering a purchase.

Electric Bikes

Gravel Bikes: Surly, Giant, Niner, Bombtrack, and more

Escape the chaos or create a bit of your own.

Bikes for Less Than $1,000

Been saving your pennies this past year?  You can get a great bike for less than $20 a week.  You don't have to settle for a clunky, low quality, heavy bike.  Let us help you spend wisely and get the most for your money.

Our Philosophy

We believe that bikes are for everyone.  Cycling should be everything: fun, challenging, utilitarian, extravagant, simple or as complex as the rider wants it to be.  At Handy Bikes, our goal is to provide a safe, approachable place for riders of all ages and abilities to bring their bikes for advice, repairs, and support.