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Our Services

Handy Bikes provides full bicycle repair service from our shop at 3800 Wheeler Ave in Alexandria.  Our service department can do everything from suspension rebuild to diagnostics of Bosch e-bikes.  Generally we can complete a full tuneup in less than 5 working days, although parts shortages may cause delays.  We do offer appointments (see appropriate menu item above) but they are not required.  An appointment time is your scheduled time to bring your bike for evaluation; it does not mean that your bike is going to get repaired immediately.  We do our best to triage bikes, complete work as quickly as we can, and when possible we will complete minor repairs on the spot.  However a bike needing a tuneup will always need to be left with us.

Our philosophy

We believe that bikes are for everyone.  Cycling should be everything: fun, challenging, utilitarian, extravagant, simple or as complex as the rider wants it to be.  At Handy Bikes, our goal is to provide a safe, approachable place for riders of all ages and abilities to bring their bikes for advice, repairs, and support.

We offer financing