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We Are Hiring!   Immediate openings for experienced mechanics and sales staff.  $20+/hr

Bikes on Sale


Free Assessments

We take the time to proactively fix problems you didn't even know you had, before they cost you more time, money, or your safety.

Regular checkups - even when your bike been working fine and there aren't any specific issues - is key to saving money in the long haul and having a safe bike that lasts.  

Just ask any one of the thousands of customers we've helped - you can trust us for a fair, honest, free assessment.

We don't take appointments for service, meaning you are free to bring your bike in any time we're open.  

Once you arrive we'll go through your bike together to see what it needs, and from there we'll be able to give you a detailed quote and timeline to complete work (in the summer this may be as much as 5-7 days, in the winter it may only be a few hours).

Regular Checkups Are Essential

We call it an annual tuneup for a reason.  If it has been longer than a year since you've had a good look at your bike, bring it in for a free assessment.  We'll tell you what we think it needs and why, so that you can make an informed decision about how to spend your money and time.  Our Annual Tuneups cover the entire bike - more than some other shops.  If you're going to get a tuneup, our opinion is that the entire bike should be checked, adjusted, and safe.

So whether it's with one of our technicians, or getting your own hands dirty at home, it's time to give your bike some necessary TLC -  especially if you’ve been spending a lot of quality time with it.


Electric bicycles are great if you want to get there faster, ride further, or just need an extra boost.

Gravel Bikes: Surly, Giant, Niner, Bombtrack, and more

Escape the chaos or create a bit of your own.

Bikes for Less Than $1,000

Been saving your pennies this past year?  You can get a great bike for less than $20 a week.  You don't have to settle for a clunky, low quality, heavy bike.  Let us help you spend wisely and get the most for your money.

Bikepacking & Adventure Equipment

Perfect bikepacking and adventuring weather is finally here!  Did you know we carry tents, camping gear, packrafts, off-grid power solutions, and more?

Our Services

Handy Bikes provides full bicycle repair service from our shop at 3800 Wheeler Ave in Alexandria.  Our service department can do everything from suspension rebuilds to diagnostics of Bosch e-bikes.  

We don't take appointments for service, meaning you are free to bring your bike in any time we're open.  Once you arrive we'll go through your bike together to see what it needs, and from there we'll be able to give you a detailed quote and timeline to complete work (in the summer this may be as much as 5-7 days, in the winter it may only be a few hours).

Vaast Allroad

Our Philosophy

We believe that bikes are for everyone.  Cycling should be everything: fun, challenging, utilitarian, extravagant, simple or as complex as the rider wants it to be.  At Handy Bikes, our goal is to provide a safe, approachable place for riders of all ages and abilities to bring their bikes for advice, repairs, and support.


This is a list of some of our favorite brands.  This is not an all-inclusive list, but if you are interested in a particular company that you don't see listed, please drop us a line -- we're always looking to add new products!  Bike brands are listed first; our top parts & accessories brands are below that.

Bicycle Brands

EVIL Bikes

Top quality enduro, downhill, and all-mountain bikes, plus a new gravel model unlike anything you've ever imagined or seen before.  Except, you CAN see it when you visit the shop, because we have a demo model!


Niner Bicycles

Niner Bikes is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and offers a wide range of really incredibly badass bikes from gravel to mountain AND some e-bike options.

Borealis Fat Bikes

Borealis has been doing fat bikes since before fat bikes were cool.  They've put on the World Fatbike Championships since 2015, and even their website is just "".  They do one thing, and they do it well - producing bikes that can do ALL the things.

MOOTS Cycles

100% USA hand made titanium since 1981.  If you know, you know.  If you don't, visit and find out why Moots makes some of the best bikes money can buy.  

Bombtrack Bicycle Co

Bombtrack has been around for quite a while, but not distributed in the US.  They started working on that ... and then the pandemic hit.  They had already been having problems with their distributor to begin with, and the pandemic made things worse.  So they fired the first distributor, switched to a new one (again, in the middle of a pandemic), and now things are finally starting to make their way here.  We will always have some for test riding, and can order any model you want (if you're willing to wait for some of them).

SOMA Fabrications

Steel is real!  Let us build you up a tough, functional gravel or touring bike starting with a frame from Soma Fab.  This is our go-to brand for many custom builds for bikepacking, touring, randonneuring, urban assault bikes, and really anything else you can think of.


Magnesium alloy pioneered by Allite, developed for (probably classified) aerospace usage... coming to a bike near you.  These things are dope.  The old problems of magnesium have been solved thanks to #science!

SUNSEEKER Recumbents and tricycles

Enhanced mobility options from Sun Seeker, which represents the most complete line of recumbents anywhere. From pain-free two wheelers to the even more popular, comfortable and stable three wheelers.

Giant and LIv comprise the largest bicycle brand in the world.  We brought them on board for the range of options they have available.  Take a look at their catalogs -- there really is something for everyone.

Jamis Bikes is a well known East-coast brand that happens to also be woman-owned, which we think is pretty rad.  They make fantastic bikes across a variety of price points, categories, and uses.  Jamis will be one of our core brands in 2022 to allow us to get all sorts of people out and riding on all sorts of bikes.

Bikes. Parts. Chaos.  That's the Surly tagline, and we're here for it.  The toughest and coolest bikes at the best prices - enough said.

Featured Brands


Makers of cool cages, rack mounts, and other cargo carrying solutions.  Their Liter Cage is our favorite to carry large Nalgene bottles, and their CargoMount is the original one-piece aluminum low profile cargo bracket solution.

Old Man Mountain

Launching from Oregon, OMM is putting out some really cool and extra heavy duty racks that can mount to anything - even the back of full suspension bikes.


The benchmark for expedition grade lighting solutions.  Around the block or across a continent, kLite is going to show the way to get you there.

Hunt Wheels

We first learned about Hunt Wheels through Bombtrack Bicycles, as several of their models come with Hunt's wheels.  We were immediately impressed by the quality and performance of these wheels.  We're now direct dealers and have started using them on custom build projects and upgrades for our own bikes as well as customers.

Learn More

Rene Herse

Rene Herse Cycles is one of the most well known names in adventure cycling, for very good reason.  We're huge fans of their tires in particular, but they offer tons more including racks and accessories.

Learn More

Velo Orange

Since Velo Orange is just down the road in Annapolis, we had to get an account.  It also just so happens that they make some of the best parts, accessories and equipment anywhere for discerning cyclists everywhere.

Sinewave Cycles

We're gear nerds, so when we learned about this Cambridge, MA company specializing solely in dynamo USB charging products, we had to get on board.   Their Beacon light with integrated USB charger is incredible, and their Revolution and Reactor standalone charger options complement any existing system.

Swift Industries

Handmade awesomeness.  The last bag you'll ever buy.  Waterproof, bombproof, and really pretty cool looking as well.  We can order anything from their catalog, although if their site says something is sold out we probably are sold out too.

Infinity Bike Seat

The last seat (saddle) you'll ever want to ride.  Infinity bike seats look weird, but they work.  Technically I can explain why, but it still doesn't seem like it makes any sense.  Come try one out and see for yourself!