How Does It Work?

We know it’s a unique setup. Here’s how it works:

  1. Book an appointment online (click here). (NOTE — WE CURRENTLY OPERATE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY — please see the front page of this website for details).
  2. WEAR A MASK OR FACIAL COVERING when you bring us your bike; we’ll go through it together and see what it needs.
  3. Leave your bike with us – an hour for small jobs, a day or two for tuneups. (WAIT TIMES MAY BE LONGER DUE TO CORONAVIRUS)
  4. Return to claim your bike. You’ll think it’s new!


Blog content, gear reviews, and shop news & updates
Bikepacking the C&O Canal Towpath
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Must-Have Gear for Multi-Day Adventures
We're going to ignore the obvious things here like personal hygiene, food, and clothing, because those are highly personalized choices. And also because at Handy...
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Wheel Builds
If you're going to want to go bikepacking or adventuring, you're going to have some very specific needs when it comes to your wheels --...
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We’re well versed in any kind of cycling that exists, but we proudly specialize in the areas where we have the most personal experience and expertise:

Click any of the categories above to learn more about how we can help make your next ride better, and help you exceed your own expectations through better equipment and better mechanics.

Bikepacking & Adventure Cycling

We’ve gotten the bikepacking and adventure cycling bug too – we get it! If you’ve never tried bikepacking or adventure cycling, you’re missing out on a ton of great experiences and cool equipment options. We can help you outfit your existing bike for an upcoming adventure or trip, whether local or across the country. Flared bars, better tires, lighting, bags, racks, custom wheel builds – you name it, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even let you check out our personal setups and test them out. Check out our blog for gear reviews and tips, too!

Adventure racing in western Virginia

We have access to a wide variety of products including bags, packs, lights, and components from top industry brands. Because we are such a small shop and want to keep our overhead low, we try not to keep a large inventory sitting around on our shelves, but we’ll match any advertised price you can bring us. Within 1-5 days we can have your new equipment on hand and ready for your next adventure!