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Pinion, Rohloff, and Gates Carbon Drive

We service Pinion, Rohloff, and Gates systems.  We can also work with you to upgrade an existing bike or build a custom project from the ground up.  All these systems are great but they can be a bit fiddly to work with.  We have the specialized tools and experience to help.

We can work on anything you have, including Priority and Reise & Muller bikes which are some of the more popular options in the US right now.  We are also dealers for brands that either come with - or are compatible with - these systems, including Bombtrack, Co-Motion, Soma, Why Cycles, and Omnium.

Gates Carbon Drive

Gates carbon drive systems require the use of a frame that has special couplers to allow the belt to pass through the rear triangle.  They also require the bike frame to have either sliding dropouts or an eccentric bottom bracket to allow the belt to be tightened properly.  They are often paired with Pinion or Rohloff systems for the ultimate in clean, low maintenance drivetrains.

Learn More at Gates' website.

Pinion Gearbox Systems

German precision engineering meets automotive technology... in a bicycle system.  Up to 18 gears, electronic shifting capable, and 600% range.  Can be paired with a Gates belt drive if the frame is compatible, or a traditional chain.  Want all those benefits on an ebike?  Pinion also has a Motor Gear Unit which combines electric drive motor with Pinion's transmission gearbox technology.

Learn More here at Pinion's website.

Rohloff Hubs

Arguably the most dreamed-of shifting system.  The Rohloff Speedhub system is another automotive transmission-style system, but based inside a hub instead of a frame mounted gearbox (think Pinion).  This means you can use a Rohloff on a standard bike frame with literally zero modifications or requirements - unless you're pairing it with a belt drive.

Learn More about different models to match your frame at Rohloff's website.